Paula zahn dating limbaugh

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How about good ol' Paula Zahn , that liberal icon ?

Remember her "liberal" interview with that ex CIA agent who stood up and challenged Rumsfeld in public, face to face, about the lies that were told about Iraq ?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

But the facts underlying most public issues are on prominent display there in contrast with statements from the right and left. It's no guarantee of quality or judgment, let alone to blues in cincy; the mainstream media is bought and paid for by soros groups.o reilly has covered this many times, olbermann is just another lefty a "debate" or "discussion" on cnn or nbc/msnbc?

there are all lefties in attendance, no conservatives, this goes especially for the mattews and russert shows..least fox has a stable of lefties and gives geraldo his own show.peterever watch a "debate" or "discussion" on cnn or nbc/msnbc?

“I went to the Pentagon myself several times before the war started and met with important people there and said, for instance -- ‘At CNN, here are the generals we’re thinking of retaining to advise us on the air and off about the war’ -- and we got a big thumbs-up on all of them. page=3161A "liberal" network would never have considered that as an option. I wonder what happens when people who support the war get to put a check mark on the names they want reporting it ?

It's chief foreign correspondent ( Andrea Mitchell) is married to Alan Greenspan.

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